Q1:are you trading company or factory?

A: We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in R&D and production of industrial electronic scales.

our factorv in 3/F. Building 2. No. 868,Wuxian Road, Wuxian Town,Tong 'an District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province,CHINA.


Q2:Can i print our logo on the products and change the color of products ?

A : Yes , We can provide free pattern, logo, artwork,font design , We do our best to help you win the market and build your brand.


Q3:Does the product support customization?What's your delivery time ?

A: All products support customization, including but notimited toexternal label printer, micro printer,Ribbon printer,Printer,Alarm Light,Scanner Gun,USB flash disk,Mobile App, Blue tooth Large screen,RS232,RS485, Modbus, WIFI,Relay etc.

1-7 days after payment. About 7-10days for OEM orders.


Q4:HOW long is your warranty terms ?

A : We provide free warranty within 1 year, lifetime after-sales service,durable maintaince and repair support.


Q5:How much can an industrial scale weigh?

A:Generally speaking, the table scales to 600 kg,floor scales to 20 tons. But our sakura 168 scales can go up to 30 tons.


Q6:What scales are most accurate for weight?

A:The most accurate scale is a laboratory analytical balance with an accuracy of 0.0001g.


Q7:Are expensive scales more accurate?

A:The higher the accuracy of the scale, the more expensive it is.However, more expensive does not mean more accurate. Each company has its own pricing rules, depending on accuracy, production materials, production difficulty, quality requirements, etc.


Q8:What are the 3 types of weighing scale?

A:A total of 3 types of scales, industrial scales, commercial scales, home scales. Accuracy,Industrial Scale>Commercial Scale>Home Scale.


Q9:Which method of weighing is more accurate?

A:After receiving the goods, place the scale in a smooth place and use weights to check the accuracy. If the result is inaccurate, please follow the instructions for correction


Q10:Which scale is more accurate digital or balance?

A:In fact, it's the same thing, just called differently. The most accurate is the 0.0001g laboratory analytical balance.



Q11:What are industrial scales used for?

A:Industrial scales for basic food, chemical or manufacturing applications in dry and dusty environments. Get accurate counting and checkweighing results in dusty and contaminated environments. Checkweighing, counting, assembly, packaging or quality assurance applications.



Q12:Are industrial scales accurate?

A:Compared to commercial scales, industrial scales are more accurate and stable than commercial scales.